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Through The Good, And The Bad, And The Ugly

“The pregnancy will obviously change some aspects of our friendship. With our new responsibilities with having a baby and such, but I think we will still be best mates. We’ll just be best mates who have a baby together.”


Harry gets Louis pregnant on a drunken night. It’s a bumpy road ahead.

By  larrysoulmates

AO3, oneshot, 20k 

Louis is like the sun, and Harry's smile can stop wars

Louis Tomlinson considered his life to be everything he wanted. That is, until he received shocking news that changed it all- even drove the one he thought was the love of his life away,

When he feels his life spiraling downward he meets barista Harry Styles, a beautiful and genuine human being who gives him a reason to smile every day.

Yet, when his problem starts to become too noticeable, Louis wonders until when those smiles will last yet hopes that they’re there to stay.

By clamat_submissa

AO3, complete, 20k

I will kiss your swollen belly until you see that you are beautiful

Everything is black and white until you find your soulmate.

Or where Harry and Louis are soulmates and Louis is depressed.

By larrybubblebutt

AO3, oneshot, 5k

Flightless Bird

"Look, I want you to be happy and if," he continued, letting out a shaky sigh. "If I can’t do that I’m so sorry." Louis released his grip on the door handle and turned around.

"Harry-" He begun, but Harry shook his head.

"Please just…I don’t want you to be the one that got away. Give me…give us one more chance," he pleaded, eyes hopeful. "Just one more shot and if I can’t change and I can’t make you happy then you can go, all right? Just please…I need to know if we’re meant to be."

By jumpernouis

AO3, complete, 10k

King and lionheart

Louis can’t remember a time when he didn’t hate being an omega. But maybe he just needed Harry to come along and make him his.

By stylinsoncity

AO3, complete, 50k

It's all too beautiful

“I think…” Louis starts but then pauses, unsure of whether to continue.

Zayn laces their fingers. “Lou… you smell different. You smell…”

“Probably smell of sick and sweat,” Louis weakly jokes but he knows what Zayn can smell.

“Have you got a test?” asks Zayn quietly and Louis nods.

Or the story of Harry and Louis, where Harry loves his family so much, Louis hates being an Omega, Liam’s still a little slow, Zayn’s not Harry when he needs to be and Niall’s getting married.

By paynegerous

AO3, oneshot, 10k

Mob boss omega

any organized group using extortion and other criminal methods

In all definitions, I am in line for the throne. As the son of a mob boss I’m set to inherit everything my father has built up. He’s always been set on expanding though and who better to use than his overprotected omega son. That’s me in case your wondering. The crown omega prince of the mob.

By ItsLivvvy

AO3, complete, 20k

More Unexpected than Inconvienoent

Harry and Louis are attempting to tackle raising seven kids, and somehow they’re doing a pretty good job. To ensure a sex-filled relationship without the risk of any more babies (they’ve decided to stick with seven) they make the choice that Harry will get a vesectomy. Only things don’t go exactly as planned and Louis ends up pregnant again. This is the story of yet again another inconvenient, but this time more unexpected, pregnancy for the Tomlinson-Styles

By larryandstuff

AO3, oneshot, 10k

let's give up on ideal

Harry and Louis are expecting again! However, things are just a little crazier when you already have five kids.

from the first ultra sound, until the day that they’re born… many funny stories are created

By larryandstuff

AO3, oneshot, 10k

I still wouldn't count this as ideal

After having their 5th kid, Louis and Harry decide they want to try and have one more. But they soon realize that when you live in a full house with 5 kids and a dog that becomes nearly impossible

By larryandstuff

AO3, oneshot, 10k