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Fireworks and Kisses

"Haz. Their having a fireworks show by the London Eye." Louis said, causing Harry to stop what he was doing. Oliver looked up at Harry with his ocean blue eyes. 

"Can we go daddy?" Oliver asked, sticking his bottom lip out. Harry looked over to Louis who was setting the paper back down. “Ask mummy." Harry stated. Oliver nodded and got out of Harry’s arms. He ran over to Louis and jumped in front of him.

By onedirectionymcmb

AO3, oneshot, 5k

My Heart Is Tellin' You (How Much I Want You)

I think your papa’s still sleeping, Bug.

By dirtymattress

AO3, oneshot, 5k

Miracle Baby

It’s been four years since One Direction has ended, but Larry Stylinson is supposedly still going strong. Harry and Louis are married with three kids, and everything seems perfect until rumors with Harry get out of hand, and the boys begin to fall apart. Now, split apart and trying to manage, the two boys attempt to raise Darcy, Patrick, and Preston by splitting their time between both dads whenever Harry is home from touring. Louis has found Jeff, a marathon runner and CEO for a writing company, who helps him so much more than Harry did but their relationship lacks the passion that he and Harry shared. Harry has found temporary people to fill the void, but he misses coming home to a bed of kids and Louis. So then Preston gets sick, and it’s just a cold but he suffers from severe asthma. What happens when a week with Harry sends Preston into the hospital, fighting for his life?

By 1d_larryshipper

AO3, complete, 30k

Midnight Snack

Louis accidentally wakes Harry up in the middle of the night because he wants brownies. Harry helps him out with the brownies. Harry won’t let him have the batter because it could make him and the baby sick. But Louis wants something in his mouth and Harry’s dick will just have to do instead.

By writingonedirectionthings

AO3, oneshot, 5k

The Special Date

Zayn proposes to Louis on a special date

By onedirectionymcmb

AO3, oneshot, 5k

Baby Stylinson

“She doesn’t like me..” He groaned, Louis smiled softly and reached his hand down running it through the hair on Harry’s head.

“She does too…she absolutely adores you, don’t be like that.. She’s just asleep right now…” Louis mumbled.

By aliyah_faith

AO3, oneshot, 5k

Home Sweet Home

Nick can’t wait to get home after work.


AO3, oneshot, 5k

Stop Running

Louis has disappeared for a whole week and Liam’ s worried, when he finds him, he didn’t expect for him to run.

By sonicscrewdriver

AO3, oneshot, 5k

Paint You By Numbers

Louis didn’t know he could get pregnant and ends up getting impregnated by some guy he doesn’t even remember the face of the next morning. Harry is there for him. They fall in love.

By shrdmdnssftw

AO3, Complete, 40k

(Funny How Honey) Ain't Sweet Like Sugar

It starts when Louis is around six months pregnant, glowing and pretty and round in the tummy with Harry’s child.

By tomlinsuhhn

AO3, oneshot, 5k